Par 4 Wingock Goose Call

The Par4 is back!!! And it is back with a vengeance!!! This new version has a  new barrel design from its previous version, it has been designed with a smaller-rounded mouthpiece for a more comfortable fit, the insert dimensions inside and outside has stayed the same, we now use the more versatile edge guts with a narrower reed that is slightly shaved, now anyone can blow these guts , for those that have struggled with the edge guts in the past, you will no longer have that problem, the NEW Par4 will be a bit deeper on the low end and will have a more noticeable, louder, higher crack on it . It is back and it has a bone to pick with Mr Goose!! We designed the older version of this call with Nick Rose at Stumbling Drake. We have kept the Par4 name with Nicks blessing. So if you like a call that has good volume, great low end with a higher crack to it, this is! Lock Em n Rock Em with a Par4!!

Stock Number #980

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